Supervision - Cranio-Sacral Therapist, East Dulwich SE22 - Jackie van Roosmalen

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Psychotherapy for Children & Young Adults
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I offer supervision to mental health professionals involved in working with children and adolescents.

These include psychologists, counsellors, doctors in training and peer supervision for child psychotherapists.

I also offer consultation and work discussion groups for teachers and school staff where there are concerns about particular children. Supervision can be arranged either individually or in small groups.

Supervision is not a luxury. It is a necessary space for reflection and can be a haven from the pressures inherent in working with troubled young people.

The supervisory relationship is a supportive one and its aim is to encourage an honest reflection of one’s own feelings as they emerge in relationship with clients.

Observing and thinking about the therapist’s responses and reactions within the therapeutic relationship is of significant help in understanding the young person with whom they are working.

In fact, the therapist herself is the most valuable tool in the therapeutic process and the relationship that is created between therapist and client is the medium for change and development.

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